August 2016

Indian cabinet approves the revised Double Tax Avoidance Treaty with Cyprus

25 August 2016

The Indian Finance Ministry has announced that the Indian cabinet has approved the signing of the revised Double Tax Avoidance Treaty between India and Cyprus. The revision of the old Treaty had become inevitable as India had blacklisted Cyprus for …

Date set for proceedings against Vgenopoulos and others

18 August 2016

The fist case in which the Cypriot authorities have indicted Andreas Vgenopoulos, former boss of Marfin Popular Bank, has been filed and a court date has been set for 30th September.

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SAPA files suit against private contractors

18 August 2016

The Paphos Sewerage Board (SAPA) has filed lawsuits for over €10 million in counter-demands against private contractors who won SAPA contracts, The lawsuits allege that the private contractors are responsible for defects in the work carried out…

Court rejects UK professor’s testimony in hijacker case

16 August 2016

Nicosia District Court Judge, Dona Constantinou, has rejected evidence given in support for Egyptian hijacker Seif Eddin Mustafa, by Cambridge University professor Emile George Howard Joffe. The Egyptian is currently fighting his country's extra…